Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I've finaly added some more links to the blogs and websites I visit frequently. They're all related to comics or, at least, drawing. I've planned to introduce in this post each one of them, but it's late at night now and I'm off to bed, so check them out yourself.
Although I belive that most of you visitors already know these, and some of you are respected owners of the same. : )
Another link added is the one to Splashpage Art where you can buy my original art. And not only mine, there are dozens of other great artists!


mcn said...

... of *other* great artists. :)))

dzuka said...

: )))))

Antonio Fuso said...

Thanks for the link my friend!
All the best!

dzuka said...

you're welcome, antonio.: )
keep on posting!

Antonio Fuso said...'re right, I know I'm a lazy man (but is it written on my blog's description to justify myself ^____^!)...I'll post something new's a promise!