Saturday, August 11, 2007


Since it's officialy announced at Vertigo panel on Wizard World Chicago Con, I might as well announce it here, too; I'm working on a new miniseries for Vertigo. Chas, cabdriver and John Constantine's longlasting friend is the main character in it. It will be a five-parter and published in 2008. Simon Oliver is the writer. Check out his "Exterminators" to see that he's one of the best writers in Vertigo at the moment. Cover artist is Glen Fabry, I'll be doing pencils and inks, and Matt Hollingsworth will color it, which makes me especially proud! So stay tuned, there'll be sketches and work in progress posted here in months to come!
You can find more about it in an interview with Jonathan Vankin, the editor of the series.


mcn said...

Sjena prek oka izgleda ko tvoj autoportret. :)

vampir tibor said...

Jako dobro!

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Fucking jako cool!


Mješani jezik, pola engleski i pola hrvatski.

Should be fun.