Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

Since I'm in a such a good mood lately, I'm enjoying it fully, because I know it's not gonna last forever. So, while I'm still full of myself ...

Here's something from Brian K. Vaughan's site;

"As Y races for curtain, Jeff Jensen at ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY named our book the "#1 Comic of 2007" (and Season Eight of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, which I was lucky enough to work on with artist Georges Jeanty, came in at #4). And this year's volume of BEST AMERICAN COMICS (edited by my hero Chris Ware) named Y #41 ("Buttons," the 355 origin story) as one of the "100 Distinguished Comics of the Year." Congrats to Pia Guerra, Goran Sudzuka, Jose Marzan, and the whole Y team."

Thanks, Brian! You're welcome! : )
And, thanks to Mr. Jensen and Mr. Ware, of course!

At home, "Svebor i Plamena" got some media attention. Articles are in Croatian ...
And nice article about me, that had my stupid-looking pic in a printed version. It's left out here, thankfully ... : )
But there's few of them here. From the earlier mentioned promotion ... three stooges!

That would be all for today.
Good night, and good luck!


Emir said...

Moram konstatirati da je i meni "Laku noć i sretno" jedan od najdražih (ako ne i najdraži) filmova koji su izašli u posljednjem desetljeću iz holivudske tvornice snova. ;)
E da, samo nastavi sa samopromocijom jer znaš kako kažu - nakon svake duge, kiša pljušti kad tad. :D

dzuka said...

ha! ti si taj koji me ureko!
i pokis'o sam drugi dan! >:)