Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I always said that you can recognize a truly gifted artist by looking at how he draws small figures. Me, I never liked to draw them because I'd end up frustrated, not being able to catch these three, four stokres that are essential for the posture or character of the figure. Yet, after twenty years of doing it, from time to time I score some nice little drawings. It could be better, of course. It could be simpler, bolder and stronger, but at least I'm getting somewhere. Hope I'll learn in another twenty years ... : )


Ozzy said...

Uh, tacno znam na sta mislis ... Veoma je bolno kad shvatis koliko vise enerije potrosis na to , a rezultati su obicno frustrirajuci ...

FerdinandKreozot said...

Ovo je ba odlicno.
Kad odrastem, volio bih da i ja mogu nesto 'vako nacrtat.

Sad sam i zavidan.
Uh jebemti.