Friday, March 28, 2008

Dog Days

I had to take my dog to surgery two days ago. She's old and stuff grow on/in her so we had to do it. Vet says she's gonna be fine now, so I try not to worry and look at the funny side ...

Of course, she doesn't find anything funny in her new outfit!

No, that's not my BMW. I don't even have a fuckin' car.

Waiting room at the veterinarian is always exciting place ... : )

Say what?
Oh, yeah, this blog should be about comics. Well, instead of my same boring stuff, here are some new links.
Darko Macan killed one of his many blogs and started another one. I don't understand why, but I'm happy the new one is already filled with lots of posts, always fun (and sometimes didactic) to read.

And Filip Kelava, the author of legendary Ninđa, failed to resist the siren call of blogging.
He makes me laugh! A lot!

Next link is not a blog. It's a short story called Bears, Ninjas and Blowjobs! That really made me laugh out loud alone in my room! :D


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BOKY said...

:DDD tona komicnih stvari...sto fotke sto crtezi...super su!:)