Saturday, May 31, 2008

Heeeeello, Michael!

Well, I've returned from Erlangen five days ago, but has been working ever since.
And still have to work more, so not much sense in delaying this.
The show was great, I did dozens of sketches for fans and didn't get tired.

Half of the fans were called Michael, but there was only one caballero ...

There was, like always, lots of people in silly costumes. I got used to this, but I had to take a picture of him ...

Darko was making the real tour and took lots of photos. Hope he'll post them soon on his blog. I wanna see what I've missed being too busy sitting at the Panini booth or in the caffe bar. >:)

Marko Djurdjevic was there as a guest, too. Big talent, big heart!
Nic Klein, too. You'll here about him more soon, I'm sure.

I met lots of great people, some old friends, but big "thanks" goes to our hosts, the crew from Panini Comics and especially to Alex!

Stay tuned. I won't do much writing these days, but I'll be posting fresh art.

Aufiderzen! : )


Tobias Schwarz said...

last time I was in Erlangen must be more than 12 years ago. great to see this festival is still growing strong. hope you had a good time there.

dzuka said...

oh, yeah! it was great! this year they celebrated 20th anniversary!
you should visit again after so many years! : )