Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post Lucca

I'm back. It was wonderful! At the end of it I caught a bad cold. I guess it's a price you have to pay and it was worth it. I'll have some extensive reports next week.
For now here's one of dozens of sketches I did during the festival.

I have this one with me because I didn't get to meet again with Roberto Zaghi.


Roberto Zaghi said...

just wonderful Goran! Thank you so much and, again, congrats for your work on Outlaw Nation, it's great to have such a couple of Gorans in action on the same book!
Hope you recover very quickly!

dzuka said...

thanks, roberto! : )

Mimi Cortazar said...

Simpa lik !

smoky man said...

Hi Goran! It's smoky from Italy. You can see the sketch you did for me in Lucca at my blog. Thanks! :)


dzuka said...

hey, smoky!
thanks for posting this.
people, check out smoky's blog. lots of great pics and drawings there.