Sunday, April 25, 2010


Another old piece I completely forgot about. I think it's from year '92. or '93. with Darko Macan as a writer, of course. It was supposed to be 8-page short story. I remember I did rather detailed layouts for the whole story, but can't find them now. This is the only page I drew and then, instead of finishing the others, I decided to do a new version. As I said many times before it's a bad habit I had and I strongly suggest to any young artist not to follow my example. Later Sasha got reincarnated twice for another purpose. You can see those pages here.


talaja said...

di je onaj s kilavom rukom?

hrvoje said...


Dan said...

Sedmi konjicki em uvijek kasni, em sad stize i na krivu adresu.
Kompas? Sat?

Filip said...

Baš dobro izgleda.
Baba je totalni Josip Broz. :-)

dzuka said...

hahaha! tnx! : )
nacrtana je po mojoj tadasnjoj macehi. : )