Monday, July 2, 2012

Scotch Corner

 Over at Scotch Corner guys are celebrating their 3rd birthday. They invited a list of artist to contribute with small interview and sample of their art, including yours truly. Check out on 9th of July what I've chosen to present! :)
Here's the list of artists ...
1st: Henry Flint
2nd: Christian Wildgoose
3rd: Paolo Rivera
4th: Diarmid Mogg
5th: Neill Cameron
6th: Neil Ford
7th: Michael J Austin
8th: Jason Little
10th: Rob McCallum
11th: Mike Cavallaro
12th: Andy Bloor
13th: Paul Bourne
14th: Simon Gurr
15th: Rob Johnson
16th Ian NJ Culbard
Great way to celebrate, I'd say! : )
To save this post from not having any pictures here's one oldie - two pages from self parody of Svebor & Plamena. The year is 1997 if I remember correctly.