Saturday, March 10, 2007


Here are couple of sketches of James Cromwell. I did them as an exercise of drawing different faces then I ussualy do. The great actor certainly has a remarkable face, but oddly enough, not much profile shots can be found on the net.

Also, I'm trying out brush-pen I got from Cliff Chiang on my recent visit to NY. I met Cliff on my first visit to NY in 1999. when he was still assistent editor at Vertigo. I like to think of myself as somebody who had a bit of influence on his decission to became a professional artist. Cliff has his website fresh up and running. It's beautifull and it witnesses that his decission was right, so check it out!

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miljenko said...

ah tek sam u ovom postu vidio da si ime naveo. No, i bez toga sam ga prepoznao. Bravo!