Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Pop Thought & Massimo

Alex Ness from PopThought wanted some questions answered. I had to obey.
And one note on my previous 'Y-the Last Man' post;
I took for granted that all of you know that I worked on the interior art only, and forgot to mention that cover illustration I've put there is done (like numerous before) by talented Massimo Carnevale. Check out his blog, lots of stuff there. Here's the freshest cover for 'Y'.


mcn said...

Stvarno, Dzzuka, kak te nije sram! Otvoriss blog pa se kurcciss tudjim crtezzima! Ua, buu! >:)

dzuka said...

Pih! Tek sam poceo!

Melina said...

Intervju je odlican!