Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shit Papir Doodle

Shit papir is a term my friends/colleagues and me use for the paper (Croatian: papir) that's already been used for printing scripts, references or whatever. We don't throw it away (mostly) but stack it for later use, putting it under the hand while drawing. To prevent smudging and sweating of the drawing board and to prevent hands getting dirty from graphite and making more mess on the board. However, they often end up with some doodles on it. Here's one of them made the other night at Bob's and Mrva's place. The last lines saying "Blonde: ... oh, you know me ..." inspired the first drawing, but later it became just sensless and uninspired. Or maybe it didn't? A good psychiatrist could read a thing or two from this, I guess. : )

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beyond Avalon

Here's another piece most of you never had a chance to see. "Beyond Avalon" was my attempt to break into American scene, done some 13 years ago and written by Joe Pruett. I completed first two issues and did this five pages of issue #3 in pencils before the whole thing got canceled. Joe decided to publish it himself 7 years later, but i never got further then doing the cover for #3.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Don't feel like doodling and work looks all the same, so I've reached for the folders with old random stuff. Found this.

It's a crappy drawing and, if I remember correctly, there wasn't any penciling here. I think I didn't even knew what to draw, just wanted to try some dirty inks. That was before Chas.
Anyway, now that I ran into it I've noticed it's not completely crap. I like his face ...

... and the dogs.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winsor & Newton

Every now and then (usually by young, or not so young, inspiring artists) I get asked about the brush I use for inking. My answer is always Winsor & Newton, series 7, size 3.
Here's a little example of what you can do with it, with a little bit of practice.

I've inked the whole panel with brush. Except for the straight lines, of course. Enlarge the pic to see it 1:1 as the original drawing.

I've erased the pencil, corrected some details with white pen and scanned it as line art.

Normally I'd ink the small figures in the background with nib, but this time I did it just to show the range of the brush.