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Killing the nib

Found this among the papers. I rarely keep those, but this one made it through the years ...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tea, anyone?

After gallons of tea and diet food, I'm feeling much better. Haven't had a cup of coffee for ten days now. Hrm, maybe I could quit it ... ? One addiction less ... Nah, the other ones could get lonely! They like company! >: )Anyway, I'm waaay behind the schedule now and gotta spend some extra time behind the drawing table, but looking forward to it. Here's a fresh bit ...

On the other news, there'll be signing at Profil Megastore. Here's the announcement copy/pasted from Tico's blog. Yes, it's in Croatian. I don't believe I have that big foreign fans who would fly to Zagreb just to get my signature! : )

U Profil Megastoreu, 19. listopada (petak) u 19h , održat će se druženje s domaćim strip-autorima koji objavljuju svoje radove pod otkriljem nakladnika Bookglobe/Strip-Agent. Radi se o strip crtačima, Igoru Kordeju (Tajna povijest, Cable), Goranu Sudžuki (Tajna povijest), Niki Barunu (Pipo, Krapinjonci) i Robertu Solanoviću (Mister Mačak). Neobavezno druženje s autorima, potpisivanje strip primjeraka i crtež od istih vam ne gine ukoliko se pojavite na ovom događanju.Možda i ja nešto nacrtam.Dobro nam došli!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shit happens!

I've been ill for days now, but here's something I did right before the shit hit the fan.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Another link, another friend...
Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only - Tico!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rakija, rakija, rakija...

Whoa! Belgrade was fun! Intense, blured by drinks, but fun nevertheless (or just because)!
I went there with Esad...


...and Talaja.
It could only get better from there. >:)
Highest point of the first day was meeting Zoran Tucić. He did two comics in the late '80's that blew my teenager mind and I finally got to meet him 20 years after. Not only he's a talented artist, but also a person so kind to put up with couple of hours of my drunken slobbering!
He's second on the left, Marko Stojanović and Aco Sotirovski next to him. Ivan in the background.

Saturday started lovely, with the auction of the original art.
Beautiful hostess Jelena surely spiced up the whole event...
..but true joy was buying beautiful page drawn by Darko Perović! I know Darko for a long time and met him couple of times on previous visits to Belgrade, but this time we acctualy managed to sit down for a couple of coffees and have a normal, uninterupted conversation.
The whole festival was a long row of drinks with great people and I remeber lots of pictures been taken, but obviously taken by somebody else, because my camera's practicly empty. So, please, those of you that were more sobber, send me your pics, most of mine are totaly lame.