Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lucca report - part 4

It's great to travel around visiting conventions. You get to see new places, learn something about them, get stuffed with thousands of comic books, eating and drinking, promoting your work ...
But for me, the best part is - meeting people.
Meeting again with old (or not so old, but nevertheless dear) friends, meeting for the first time new people, who will become old (or not so old, but nevertheless dear) friends and being introduced to some of the giants of comic art, who often appear as quite nice human beings. In such situations usually I feel like I'm a teenager again, desperately trying not to get all nerdy and geeky. Sometimes I succeed. : )
Anyway, here are some pics. Of course I didn't remember to shoot all of them.

Eddie Campbell, a real gentleman.

Marco Rizzo was one of the stuff at Edizioni BD, but as I've heard he's also a great journalist, writer and translator! I don't speak Italian, so I can't confirm this, but I know for sure he's a great guy ! : )

Can't remember his name, but the Japanese guy was also a guest of Edizioni BD. He doesn't speak English, so I had no comunication with him.

Davide Cooler-then-cool Gianfellice. Yes, it would be nice if all those people in the background would be waiting for his signature, while he's taking his time to pose for me, but they are waiting for that Japanese guy. : )

Legendary Giuseppe Camuncolli - Cammo!

Massimo Carnevale and me getting all nerdy and geeky.

Max Bunker, do I need to introduce him?

Simone Bianchi, a rock star! : )

Great Riccardo Burchielli on the left, Cristiano Cucina on the right. My appologies to the guy in the middle for forgeting his name.

Riccardo, wonderfull Andrea Red Mutti and Giacomo Panda Bevilacqua.

Eduardo Riso, one of the best artists out there and one of the warmest persons I've ever met. I know for sure that my beloved comic festival Mafest next year will be fantastic with him hanging around!

And last but not least - pure genius, man I fell in love with, the one and only Francesco Ausonia Ciampi!
I met lots of other extraordinaire artists. I don't have their pictures, but I have to pay my respects to Francesco Ripoli , Maurizio Rosenzweig , Lee Bermejo and Werther Dell'Edera.
And a special shout out to Adriano Barone!

So, yeah all these photos were taken at the convention during the day. What was happening in the evening and during the night I would not dare to display publicly!
Use your imagination! : )

Lucca report - part 3

Whether you like them or not, cosplayers became unavoidable part of the comic shows.
Some of them took a lot of effort making their costumes ...

... or just spent lots of money and bought them?

Some are funny ...

... some pretty ...

...some weird ...

... some inspired by Manga ...

... or just plain hot!

Scarry ...

...and realistic! : )

If you love cosplayers, or just love to hate them - here's a huge gallery from Lucca festival collected by relentless Ty Buttars. 200 pics, not one cosplayer shot twice!
And some more, general pics here.

Next part - CELEBRITIES !!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lucca Report - part 2

Ok, I should've said "in a week or two..." : )
As I've said before, I was in Lucca as a guest of Edizoni BD, promoting Italian edition of Outlaw Nation, so every day I spent some hours signing and sketching at their booth.
The guys from Edizioni are great! Marco Schiavone (on the right) is the Boss. Alberto, his brother on the left.

No, that's not Johnny. That's Andrea. As you can see I had to compete for the customers with books like Bachus or Mark Evanier's "Kirby - King of Comics" for which Marco got the award.

But the worse was Panda. Girls loooove Panda! Girls scream when they see him! Girls throw money on Panda! And their bras!
I love Panda too, though I'm not a girl. You will love it too. Check it out online here.

Giacomo Bevilaqua is the creator of Panda. He'll be shamelessly famous one day. Keep in mind that I was the first one to introduce you to him! : )

Big or small, every Italian publisher have their booths at the festival. I was told that some (smaller) publishers make 60% of their yearly sales in that four days.

Bonelli, never short of visitors, of course.

Coconino Press. Small publisher with some beauuuutiful and wierd books! : )

Coniglio Editore, too.

And Panini Comics.
There are lots of others (like Planeta de Agostini that publishes my Vertigo books in Italy) but most of the time I was able just to take a pictures of people's backs. : (

Next part (in an hour or two) COSPLAYERS!!! : )

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lucca report - part 1

OK, here's the first part of report from Lucca. Starting with general stuff.
Lucca is a beautiful city whose ancient walls around the old center is still preserved. Most of the convention is held there.

During the festival whole city is entangled with comics items, exhibitions and whatnots.

On the squares barrack-like tents are raised with rows of booths inside.

Along them lots of cafes and restaurants.

Except comics lots of other stuff are offered too ...

Kid's stuff ...

... and fashion items.

Sellouts are always welcome. : )

More coming soon, in a day or two.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

10 years without Eddy

Today is the 10th anniversary since Eddy left us. I've been remembering him on this blog more then once, so I've got nothing new to say. Just go and dig up once more his books you have, or if you don't, go on the net or to your local store and get everything you can and bask in the light of his talent and passion for comics.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


OK, I've been quite diligent lately. Should be even more in weeks (khm, months) to come. I just love working during Christmas time!
No ... really. That's my way of fighting shopping frenzy! >:)
Here's a fresh page ...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

At the backseat

It's been awhile since I've posted any real work, huh?
Here's a small panel I kinda like. : )

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giants Of Florence

Obviously, it's gonna take some time to post proper report from Lucca, so here's a set of pics from Florence, in the meantime.
First of all Riccardo Burchielli, il grande cicerone! : )

Then, some other ... : )