Friday, March 7, 2008

Don't drink and draw!

Unless you're good at it, of course! : )
Me? I completely suck as you can see for yourself.
Then why do I post this? Because I've promised it to Mrva and Bob.
After opening of Sonia's exhibition, a group of us went for a drink, some left earlier, but the three of us went to BP Club again, and again flyers on the table were too tempting and boys always have some pens in their pocket. So, I ended up explaining and drawing dreadfull fashion from late '80's I used to enjoy so much at the time ... : )

There were other topics discussed, too, but they weren't so vividly depicted! : )


FS said...

Drinking and drawing is the best! In Calgary we have one every Wednesday. :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog, it is a big step for me and I'm really happy to be making a living at this!

dzuka said...

that's why i said 'unless you're good at it!' : )
i'll send you bob and mrva. i know they'll like it!
looking forward to your new posts!